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Olive oil is one of the famous and common oils that have been around for almost a thousand years. It’s ancients most common oil in history. Even some of the religions and people from the past have used and recommended this particular oil.
 Almost every one of us has heard something great about it. This oil has always been healthy and useful around the house to cook with. We often use it for other purposes like
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Hydrates the Skin Decreases Skin Roughness Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Brightens & Glows the Skin   Here is a great nightly moisturizer from Estee Lauder containing pomegranate Treat Acne, Dark Spots, Breakouts and Skin Inflammation Weight Control (Maintains Facelift) Great for Dry Skin & Collagen Production Regenerates Skin Cells in Epidermal and Dermal Skin Layers Improves skin Texture
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