Olive Oil benefits and uses

Olive oil is one of the famous and common oils that have been around for almost a thousand years. It’s ancients most common oil in history. Even some of the religions and people from the past have used and recommended this particular oil.
 Almost every one of us has heard something great about it. This oil has always been healthy and useful around the house to cook with. We often use it for other purposes like beauty, skin care, hair care, body care, health, household, and pets as well.

Olive has a lot of usage and benefits in almost every area of our lives. It’s always good to include olive oil in your kitchen for a healthier and happier life. Some people these days use olive oil in everyday beauty rituals to ensure that they are only using natural products rather than nasty chemicals. 

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I have always been a fan of olive oil and the fact that it is something wonderful & magical that can be used in so many areas in life makes me use it more and more. 

Apart from the benefits in the kitchen, I will mention some of the benefits on how to use olive oil in self-care. I am going to divide it into three parts.


1. Health

The power of consuming olive oil in your diet can lower cholesterol, prevents cancer, protects your bones, improves brain function, reduces high blood pressure, fights diabetes, fights inflammation, helps with depression, digestion, helps to lose weight etc.

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2. Household 

You can make tons of natural cleaning products with olive oil such as dusting spray to clean up surfaces, shining spray to give a little shine to your kitchen cabinets or fridge, cleaning your makeup brushes, making a homemade dish or hand soap, wood cleaner and making candles.

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3. Beauty


A. Inside Beauty ( BENEFITS )


Taking olive oil orally

Beauty benefits of taking olive oil orally is a lot but I will mention a few here. It’s a great source of anti-oxidant which is amazing for skin and hair. Olive oil has tons of different vitamins mostly vitamin E and K.

Vitamin E is a very good moisturizer for skin, it can reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots. It is anti-aging, helps remove fine lines, wrinkles, and softens skin.

Vitamin K helps reduce stretch marks and spider veins especially legs. It is Anti-aging and removes dark circles under the eyes, it heals bruises, clears skin and soothes inflammation. Olive oil also contains calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium.


How to use Olive Oil

Start using olive oil in your daily life especially in your kitchen. Because the benefits of cooking and baking with olive oil is much more than the other oils that we normally use such as canola and vegetable oil. I rather cook with olive oil, it is tasty and healthy. You can make a lot of delicious recipes.

Here are some: Daily cooking and frying food, Salad dressings, marinating food, Dips Sauces, different sauces, Homemade mayo, and pesto.

In order to lose weight, you can also drink every day one tablespoon raw olive oil with water, lemon, and honey.

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B- Outside Beauty ( BENEFITS )



Olive oil a great makeup remover, face and body moisturizer for normal to dry skin. Mix this oil with sugar as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

Olive oil is good for under the eyes circles. It removes under eye dark circles. It also helps removes wrinkles, fine lines, and spots. 

It is great for anti-aging. Use it as a mask to soften skin. It helps clear skin, reduces redness and acne scars. It is good for eyelashes, it makes it stronger and thicker. It Helps remove neck and hand wrinkles, relieves dry and itchy skin. It is a lip and hand softener. You will definitely get healthier eyelashes & eyebrows using only Olive oil.



It’s amazing to use olive oil for your eyebrows or natural eyelashes during the day or night. You can use it to remove the excess eye makeup. It also protects the eyelashes, gives them shine and softness. Helps to grow healthier, stronger and much thicker eyebrows & eyelashes. Use your fingers or an eyelash comb to put the olive oil on to your eyebrows or eyelashes. This is a great eyelash Comb, and it does the job well. You can even use it for daily makeup to brush away any excess mascara and separate your lashes. You will get the most beautiful clump-free eyelashes ever. 


All these below DIYs will make your skin clear, brighten, tighten, firm, clear blackheads, deep pores, glowing, clear up acne & healthy fresh looking skin.

You have to use it constantly not just one time. If you don’t like the smell or the texture of olive oil, then mix it with your daily moisturizer or another oil. Even men can use olive oil in order to shave their faces or as a natural after shave cream. 

Here are some natural home-made DIYs that I make using olive oil. Use it ones or twice a week. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Olive oil by itself is an amazing moisturizer, an under eye and body cream. 



Olive oil + Honey = Great Moisturizer and Mask for Skin & Hair. 

Olive oil + Sugar = Exfoliates Face, Lips & Body Scrub 

Olive oil + Honey + Green tea = Facemask 

Olive oil + Egg + Lemon juice = Face & Hair mask

Olive oil + Avocado + Lemon + Honey = Face & Body Exfoliator 

Olive oil + Yogurt + Lemon + Honey + Buttermilk + Banana = Face Mask for a youthful and fresher skin

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Olive oil is a wonderful natural hair oil. It can be used as a daily normal hair oil. It is a hair mask by itself even mix with another ingredient. Use it ones or twice a week. Personally, I use it on my hair whenever winter comes. When the weather gets colder our skin and hair tend to go dryer then I reach out for my olive oil. I like to give myself olive oil hair treatment every month or whenever I feel like my hair needs it.

You can do scalp massage or leave it for 15 minutes then gently wash your hair with shampoo. Sometimes when I run out of conditioner. I use it to condition my hair and it works just as fine. It strengthens hair, hair growth & improves hair elasticity. It’s anti-bacterial and works great to condition dry or damaged hair. It removes dandruff, helps heal a flaky dry scalp, helps remove split ends, & softens hair, you will get healthier, stronger and shinier hair.


How to use 

Olive oil by itself = Normal hair oil & Scalp massage 

Olive oil mix with other oils = Deep condition for hair 

Lukewarm Olive oil = Gets rid of split ends overtime

Olive oil + Honey + Egg = Mask leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash off your hair.

Overnight with olive oil in your hair and wash off the next morning with shampoo and conditioner for a silkier, softer and stronger hair.

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Note: When buying Olive oil make sure it’s a 100% cold press organic pure olive oil. If you like using olive oil in other beauty products, then here are some brands that use olive oil as the main ingredient in their products.

 ” — Olivella Line.
” — Sun Shine Coast Olive Oil.

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[testimonial layout=”style2″ style=”light”][testimonial_item image_url=”13923″ author=”By EllyBeauty Blog” text=”I have been using olive oil for the past few years, and I am super happy with the results I have got. It improved my health, made my skin and hair softer, stronger and healthier. It even healed some of my scars in my body. I love this miracle oil. You will definitely appreciate olive oil as I do. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this and got a little bit more info about olive oil.”][/testimonial]

10 Skin Beauty Benefits of eating Pomegranate daily.

  1. Hydrates the Skin
  2. Decreases Skin Roughness
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Anti-Wrinkle
  5. Brightens & Glows the Skin


Here is a great nightly moisturizer from Estee Lauder containing pomegranate

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  1. Treat Acne, Dark Spots, Breakouts and Skin Inflammation
  2. Weight Control (Maintains Facelift)
  3. Great for Dry Skin & Collagen Production
  4. Regenerates Skin Cells in Epidermal and Dermal Skin Layers
  5. Improves skin Texture and Protects Skin from Sun Exposure


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