Seaweed & Almonds Homemade Face Mask


Seaweed Benefits

Seaweed is packed with vitamins and minerals which removes the toxins out of the skin and makes the skin softer and more hydrated. Seaweed is good for acne blemishes and redness. It soothes and refreshes the skin. Seaweed is anti-inflammatory and full of anti-oxidant, it is anti-aging as well. It deep cleans and tightens pores. Seaweed gives you youthful and wrinkle-free skin. It also Promotes hair growth.



Vitamin C: Boost Collagen Production

Potassium:   Hydrates Skin

Iron:  Provides Oxygen for skin & Boost Hair Growth

Niacin: Brightens Skin

Choline:  Good for Mature Skin & Reduce Oily Skin


Almonds Benefits

Almonds are very good for any kind of skin, especially for the eyes. They are rich in anti-oxidant which nourishes the skin. Ground almonds can be an amazing exfoliator.

Massage the ground almond mix with water gently to the skin to remove dead skin cells and it gets rid of acne spots. It whitens and rejuvenates the skin. Get younger and softer looking skin using almonds in your skincare routine.


Almonds Contain

Vitamin E: Great for skin

Copper: Improves skin well being

Magnesium: Reduce acne

Fatty acids: Keeps skin hydrated

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